Ambassador Program

Are you someone looking for an extra source of income?

Or are you just looking for a lifetime discount at our shop?

If any of that matches your interest you'll be delighted to join our ambassador program!

The main benefits of this program are the ff:

1. You'll get a chance to be featured on our page

2. You'll earn 10% base commission every time someone uses your code.(We'll email you every time someone uses your code. All payment will be sent to your paypal account)

3. You'll be granted a lifetime 15% off on all products. (Even on our 50% off promos)

4. You'll be able to give someone 10% off if they use your unique discount code.

Sounds good? 



What does an Ambassador do?

Every Ambassador has their own unique code that they can share with their art-loving friends and followers. 

You can promote us in anyway you can!

The best way of promoting our shop is to post our current promotions or just promote your unique discount code to your followers. 



To summarize, our Ambassadors have our closet at their fingertips at a discounted rate, as well as the ability to earn extra spending money, just for posting pictures as they normally would.

If you want to register, just click the button below.

Note: We have an approval stage for our potential ambassadors. We will email you within the day if you got approved.