Brush Pens: Why use them?

Even if you are a professional artist or someone who enjoys doodling, brush pens will be your buddy even if you travel. They are portable and very useful on anything you want to write on. It can be used for sketching, painting and calligraphy.

If you seek to find the best brush pens, we’ll covert that up at the last part of this blog.

Flexibility and Flow

IF you like doing detailed work, brush pens are the best because of its flexibility. You can aim for much larger or thinner illustration. The firmer the tip, the more you control the lines that you create. However, flexible brush pens will give you a lot of options and effects. The preferred brush pen to use when coloring are the flexible tip, while hard tip for lettering.


Color is the most important part of the brush pen. Some people want pastel colors, of course there are mildliners for that. Some artists want a solid color. What you need to look for is a brush pen that has lightfast ink. It only means that the color won't change when exposed to light or air.


Water Based Brush Pens

Water based brush pens are mostly used in Journals and can be a replacement for water color. The best way to use a water based brush pen is to write on a piece of plastic and use a water color brush pen to transfer the vibrant colors to your paper.

Recommended Products For Calligraphy, Bullet Journal, Art Journal

STA Aquarelle Dual Brush Pens

This product is a water-based dual brush pens. You can use this on any paper that has 80gsm and above. Perfect for dotted journals because it has a vibrant color. You can also darken a shade of a color by just shading twice or thrice on the area that you want to emphasize. It has a fine tip and a brush tip that will give you a lot of options when writing.

Zebra Mildliners

FYI it’s called “Mild” liners and not “Midliners”. This awesome brush pen gives you the pastel colors that you’ve always want. It’s pleasing to the eyes since there are no strong colors, which makes you feel at peace when looking at.

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